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​Louisville Wedding Videography !

Marty (502), 356-0042

Videography Over Louisville

Videography on a budget ?   Inquire about last minute pricing,
Call Marty @ 502 356-0042 (no text) to see if we can make a deal. 
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Videography creates a memory of your wedding that will last forever, it;s an investment that you will have for a lifetime.


  *   Three hour packages are ideal for smaller weddings at a single location

  *   Four hour events are for multiple locations with less than 200 guest

  *   Five hour events are for multiple locations with crowds over 200 guest

  *   Second camera allows  more  events to be captured

  *   For overhead camera, we use GoPro with a telescoping sixteen foot pole.

  *  Unedited videography is the actual events has they occur without any changes

  *  Edited video, adds sounds, music and cuts sections of the video

  *  Featured video is a 15 - 25 minute movie of your wedding

  *  Highlight video is a 3 -7 minute highlight of your wedding, often posted online.


                                                                     3 Hours                     4 Hours                   5 Hours

  Basic Videography ,  not edited                      399                           499                          599      Above, plus music, and feature & highlight    800                           850                           950      Second camera , additional                              ----                           400                           450     Overhead  camera                                            ----                           200                           200

  Above prices, plus music and sales tax

Payment Policy for Videography Services

One Third reservation fee at time reservation is made, we give full refund if event is cancelled and we are given seventy five days notice. Entire balances are due 30 days before your event, we at our option do not attend events without payment in full being made.   Events booked less than thirty days in advance require full payment at the time reservation is made.

Please follow the online contract system, It will send  you a verfication Email and a copy of the contract